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21 thoughts on “फोटोहरु

  1. Dear edtior
    I’m so glad to c this web page. but regarding this photo gallary plz put only those pictures which are related with solu area.

  2. hello tashidelek tsering bro yaso yaso yo pic haru lai delete ghare ra hamro solukhumbu tira ko nai photo upload ghard akaso hola bro

  3. By the time being is okey. This is the World Cup fever. Afterall you could do as an Ang Phuri suggest. This is really good site.


  4. I appericiate this website and really glad to see about the our solu but i have small request to the web editor kindly put photo’s only solu related area. i think which is most important.

    Ang Nuru Sherpa

  5. gr8 photos from solukhumbu. i am resident of Nele. i like my district and wish to see the progress of this place. through our efforts we can do a lot. keep updated with b’ful photographs. good soluonline dot com

  6. सम्पादक ज्यु
    नमस्कार .
    तपाईंहरुको वेब थह्ह पाउदा एकदम खुशी लागेको छ । सफलताको शुभकामना ।
    नगेश कुलुङ, शुभधन कुलुङ, मनकुमार कुलुङ तथा स्मिथ कुलुङ ।

  7. samasta solu bashi haru ma badha dashain ko hardik mangalmaya shuvakhama byakta garfa6u!!!sathai solu online ko safalta ko shuvakamana !!!!

  8. Sampurna solu bac harulae vijaa dashame 2067 salko hardek mangamaya suvakamana ra solu onlinely aja ramro kamharu gardae janu bandae suvakamana vayakta garna chhanchhu,,,,,,,,,,,,

  9. तपाईंहरुले upload गर्नु भएको फोटोहरु अतिनै सुन्दर त छन् नै त्यस माथि नि Educational अनि आफ्नो गाउँघर झल्काउने भएकोले सारै रमाइलो लाग्यो अझै सम्भब भएमा छोटो- छोटो clips upload गरेमा अति नै उत्तम हुने थियो !
    योदन राई
    नेचा बतासे-३
    हाल- सिंगापुर

  10. I am really very happy to see this kind of memorable job. wish all the best. I hope this portal can represent common voice of people who are living in Solukhumbu.

  11. solu online ramro lagyo sambav vhaya surkey,phaplu and sallery ko pani image and video clip herna pay solukhumbu mai bhay jastai huge thiyayo
    thank you
    Suman Baral
    Sallery 1 surkey now HOHA QATAR

  12. soluonline web dekher malae ati khusi l;ageko chha ajaepani yasari agadi bardae januhos
    datta sing rai
    4th yr mbbs student

  13. I was very glad to see this fantastic webpage. All pictures, Text and so on are highly decorated,
    thankyou solu online.com

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